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Energy Saving & Safety Tips

Energy Saving Tips

Besides turning off the lights when you leave the room, here are some ways to reduce waste, reduce your energy bill and help the availability of fuel for the future.

  • Replace ordinary switches with motion sensors.
  • Replace incandescent light fixtures and lamps with fluorescent or LED. Fluorescent lamps use about half the power, are cooler operating and have a longer life than incandescent lamps. Incandescent lamps are little heaters. You might use them to keep a pipe from freezing, but they are a poor choice for illuminating your home. (Note ordinary fluorescent fixtures cannot be controlled by a dimmer. Avoid a fire hazard by replacing the dimmer with a standard switch or motion sensor.)
  • LED fixtures are the way of the future. They have the lowest energy use per lumen of any lamp type. They provide 50,000 to 100,000 hours of lamp life (essentially a lamp for life) and are easily dimmed. Learn more.
  • Install a solar water heater. The first step for energy independence (if you are thinking of getting off the grid) is not photovoltaic cells or wind generators, it’s a solar water heater. They are simple and cost effective. Even if you aren’t thinking of home power generation, the solar water heater makes sense.
  • Upgrade attic insulation and install a radiant barrier.
  • Install insulated glass windows with low-E glass.
  • Change out older heating and air conditioning units to high SEER units.

Safety Tips

National electrical codes are changed every 3 years with your family’s safety being the driving force behind those changes. If your home is even a couple of years old it probably would not pass electrical inspection today. The city does not require your home to be updated, but for the safety of your family, friends and home you should consider incorporating these latest changes:

  • Electrical outlets should have plastic safety covers to protect children from inserting objects. This upgrade protects your children and their friends from shock. It also protects against fire.
  • Replace receptacles on kitchen counters, in bathrooms, in garages and outside with GFCI receptacles. These outlets protect your family from electrical shock.
  • Replace breakers for all lighting and receptacle circuits with ARC-fault breakers. These breakers protect against fire.
  • In addition to cap off devices, replacing worn out receptacles with "tamperproof receptacles" is a great safety feature.
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